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Protecting the Profession at the Federal Level by Achieving Legislative Goals in Congress

Protecting the Profession at the Federal Level by Achieving Legislative Goals in Congress

Congress continues to focus on healthcare reform, making political activism at the federal level imperative to protect, secure and advance the profession. Advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill continue to prove invaluable, increasing awareness about eye and vision health among legislators. However, AOA cannot do it alone! Each state Affiliate must do its part to support pro-optometry national advocacy efforts and Maryland takes the job seriously. Each year MOA member ODs join students of optometry and their colleagues from across the nation, acting as Optocrat Advocates during annual AOA on Capitol Hill days. Together students and optometrists walk the Hill, talking to Maryland Representatives and Senators in support of current pro-optometry legislation and initiatives. Participation is essential to ensure Optometry's voice is heard in congress. Please join the fight on Capitol Hill this year as a part of the Maryland Optocrat Delegation. Interested parties should email the MOA Keyperson Program Chair,  Jennifer Cohen.

Meet Maryland's Federal Advocacy Representative (FAR)

John Burns, O.D. (Former MOA President & Maryland FAR)

As the Maryland Federal Advocacy Representative, Dr. Burns acts as the Liaison between AOA and MOA when pressing federal advocacy is required to protect and serve the profession. Dr. Burns keeps Maryland Optometrists in the know about legislation and initiatives of interest  and assists the AOA in raising Political Action Campaign funds for pro-optometry legislators. MOA thanks him for his continued service to the profession and asks that should you receive a call or email from Dr. Burns with a call to action, PLEASE respond!

AOA Legislative Action Center

Learn more about pro-optometry and anti-optometry legislation before Congress today and what you can do by visiting the AOA Legislative Action Center . Use the Action Center to convey optometry's unified message to your Representative and Senators in congress with only a few clicks of your mouse. Remember these Senators and Representatives are elected officials and y our vote, and your voice matters. Please get involved and take action today!  

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Federal advocacy is even more expensive than State advocacy. Your support is essential to the success of federal advocacy efforts and the profession's future. Think of your donation as professional insurance and CONTRIBUTE NOW!

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